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Military Emblems

Military Emblems

The History of U.S. Military Emblems


It is customary for the U.S. Military force to make use of military emblems for various reasons. In general, military patches are affixed to signify membership in a particular unit, recognize their corresponding rank, and identify their area of expertise as well as other functional areas covered by the bearer. They were also given to acknowledge achievements and accomplishments, thus fostering camaraderie and pride within each member. But where did these custom military emblems came from? When did it start?


Military emblems are also referred to as branch insignias, which were first use prior to American Civil War way back 1850s. The officers of the U.S. Army at that time initiated wearing colored epaulets to identify each Army branch. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that Army personnel started wearing these branch insignias on the stand-up collars of the Army uniform. Officers sometimes wear them on wool uniform outer shirt, while enlisted soldiers wore a version enclosed in a brass disk. From then on, this practice has continued to the modern times.

Generally, military emblems are classified into three main types: (1) Unit Military emblems, images of which symbolize a unit’s history, spirit, values and accomplishments thereby identifying a soldier’s unit; (2) Rank Insignia Emblems, which are flaunted on a wearer’s shoulder or sleeve to recognize their rank (during the Civil war era, officers’ ranks were distinguished through shoulder emblems while sleeve emblems were worn by enlisted men); and (3) Combat Military Emblems, which distinguish soldiers who have been deployed in a combat. There are also military-style woven labels and lapel pins.


Another important thing to note is that custom military emblems in specific divisions maybe worn differently from other units or brigades. Some customized emblems are also worn to denote an officer’s specific duty on special assignments.


Since possession of military emblems is such a pride, the emergence of emblem/patch collectors is no longer a surprise. Fortunately today, one does not have to go to a military school or have a relative in that field to collect these memorabilia. Custom military emblems like commemorative patches and veteran patches are always made available by commercial manufacturers worldwide. We also make soccer patches.

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U.S. Military Emblems